Heritage Project: The Habolanan

Hinabol” is a term used by the natives of Bukidnon to describe the cloth they make from abaca fiber. The “habolanan” is the loom which is used to make hinabol. The Habolanan was started to give lumads in our area a means of livelihood, as well as, bring back the art of hinabolmaking that is slowly disappearing, as younger lumads choose to go and work in the cities.

The goal of this project is to train young women to learn and take interest in making hinabol to preserve this age-old tradition. It is also meant to build awareness of this disappearing skill of making hinabol to the world.




Since starting this project sometime in November of last year, we have already had many visitors who come to see how hinabol is made, and to purchase the product, as well.

Apart from selling swaths of hinabol, we also make bags, envelopes, place mats, table runners, etc.




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