Atugan Nature Farm seeks to be a place where you can get away from the stress of the city and enjoy life surrounded by the beauty of preserved and maximized nature.

It also aims to promote sustainable organic farming, provide education, and opportunities for the local community.

The farm’s primary objectives are:

+ Appreciation of nature
+ Preservation of the environment
+ Promotion organic farming
+ Education in Agri-preneurship
+ To give back to the community

Atugan Nature Farm is located in Impasug-ong, Bukidnon. It is a land-locked province, surrounded by verdant, green mountains, and blessed with cool climates year-round. The place is nestled in the heart of Mindanao, in the Philippines, and can be found along the Sayre Highway, a few meters from the Atugan Bridge (if you are coming from either the South or the Northern part of the province.)

Future Projects:
Apart from agricultural products, the farm will feature a camp site, a Ragdoll Cat Café, and a farm school in the near future. Currently, the farm features a weaving workshop that produces cloth (called “hinabol”) and other products made from abaca fiber, and a black smithery.